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a driverless car for an accident-free ride

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a driverless car for an accident-free ride

Postby admin » September 27th, 2012, 7:14 am

By 2015, a driverless car for an accident-free ride

Washington: Ever dreamt of riding a car that drives by itself ? The fantasy may turn into a reality by 2015.
American auto maker General Motors is in the final stages of developing a semiautonomous car that can stay in its lane, steer away from danger, apply breaks when needed, completely on its own, nearly eliminating the possibility of an accident.
The company expects the technology to be in cars as early as the 2015 model year.
“The vehicle can take complete control and take you to your destination — in comfort, and safety, and security,” Don Butler, vice president of marketing for Cadillac told the ‘ABC News’.
“We can foresee the day when vehicles will be able to completely avoid collisions,” he said. It’s been a carmaker’s dream since George Jetson, a fictional character from the animated television series, sat in his driverless, flying car. Now, it is just years away.
“I think it’s highly likely that before the end of this decade, we’ll be in driving modes that will be semi autonomous,” Butler said.
“Steering will be controlled by the vehicle. Speed will be controlled by the vehicle. Your direction will be controlled by the vehicle,” he added. PTI

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