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AP government to verify admissions in some colleges

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AP government to verify admissions in some colleges

Postby admin » September 26th, 2012, 10:58 am

The Cabinet Sub-Committee on fee re-imbursement scheme has decided to get the details of the higher fee collected in some engineering and professional courses colleges verified, against the admissions made so far under the first phase of counselling that ended on Monday.

If it is found under verification that a higher fee is collected (beyond the Government-stipulated Rs 35,000) not backed by higher infrastructure/faculty facilities as claimed, suitable action will be taken against the management of that particular college.

The committee resolved to go in for verification exercise through Task Force teams based on the “adverse” feedback provided to it by students and parents.

The meeting, which was attended by Deputy Chief Minister C. Damodar Rajanarsimha, and Ministers Pithani Satyanarayana (Social Welfare), Botcha Satyanarayana (Transport), B. Saraiah (Backward Classes Welfare), P. Balaraju (Tribal Welfare), Syed Mohd Ahmadullah (Minorities Welfare) and K. Murali (Medical Education), also gave green signal to the colleges in the State to go ahead with the second phase counselling from September 26 as originally planned. Fee reimbursement would being from October 1.

Speaking to reporters later, Mr Pithani Satyanarayana said the details about the admissions made till now both against higher fee and the Government-stipulated fee were not immediately available as the State Council of Higher Education lacked a portal, a facility with which Social Welfare Department was equipped regarding fee re-imbursement scheme.

The committee, therefore, had asked the Centre for Good Governance to furnish this data in two days to it to enable it to take a decision on the action to be taken against the managements which erred.

He said the committee would deliberate on “B” (management quota) category seats during its next meeting on Wednesday and, after reviewing the details available. Action would be taken against the colleges found guilty of not implementing the order.

Some engineering and professional course colleges are ‘collecting’ higher fee.Nod to colleges to go ahead with Phase II of counselling from September 26.

Source: The Hindu
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