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Differences Between BE and B.Tech

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Differences Between BE and B.Tech

Postby admin » October 3rd, 2012, 8:32 am

According to a recent survey conducted by the NCAER (National Council of Advanced Economic Research), Engineering is the most sought after course in India. There are many institutes that offer a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Some institutes call the bachelor’s degree as BE o Bachelor of Engineering and some call it Bachelor in Technology or B.Tech.

B.Tech is offered by government institutes and BE is offered by private institutes.

There is absolutely no truth in this. Institutes like Netaji Subash Institute of Technology, University of Mumbai (Department of Chemical Technology) which are government institutes offer a BE degree and there are umpteen private institutes that offer a B.Tech degree.

No industrial training in BE or B.Tech

In both, BE and B.Tech, industrial training is compulsory after semester 6.

B.Tech or BE is valued more than the other

Your performance and to a lesser extent your college is what matters. Neither is preferred over the other.

Difference Between BE and B.Tech Courses

The only difference in BE and B.Tech is that B.Tech programme lays more emphasis on the practical part of the course, while BE deals more with the theoretical part.
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